How Voice AI Is Changing High Volume Recruiting

What you will learn:

  • How employers can recruit at scale without compromising quality and giving every candidate a fair chance
  • How AI tools can can support human recruiters to be more efficient

While certain industries are doing it tough with mass layoffs, others are experiencing a hiring boom. Against the background of COVID-19, some companies are expanding their workforce at unprecedented rates.

What is going to change is how this recruiting at this scale happens. Most will be done remotely of course, and a new approach to moving a huge volume of candidates through the top of the funnel is needed to meet hiring targets.

It can be hard to be optimistic at times like this, but if the current crisis is like other economic cycles, eventually society gets back on its feet. When the turnaround comes, businesses will need to start hiring again like never before. There is a huge opportunity in the brave new world of remote talent acquisition and working.

Featured Speakers

David Mckeague
David Mckeague
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist
Mark Adams
Mark Adams
VP North America

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