Expert Tips On Automating Your Recruitment Process

What you will learn 

  • Why automation is beneficial
  • How different companies use recruiting automation
  • What you can do to start automating your own process

COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation in the workplace and has set a new standard for hiring. Remote recruiting is our new normal and while many of us have put together quick solutions out of necessity, we are now looking to create future-proof strategies.

Understanding automation in hiring will be your first step towards building a world-class remote recruitment model

Watch this webinar for expert tips on how automation can help increase efficiency, scalability and diversity in your hiring process.

Featured Speakers

Zubin Fitter
Zubin Fitter
Sales and Partnerships Director at Curious Thing
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
General Manager People & Culture at RWWA
Rik Johnson
Rik Johnson
Head of Intelligent Automation at Stellar

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