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Our AI phone interviewer is designed to help you meet your hiring targets.

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Meet hiring targets with recruitment technology designed to

Hire a remote workforce.

Expand candidate pools.

Provide candidate data.

Find adaptive and resilient candidates

Remote call centres are on the rise. Top-performing remote workers require specific attributes like resilience, motivation and adaptivity. Curious Thing’s AI phone interviews screen for these behavioural traits so you can identify candidates most likely to be successful.

Expand your talent pool

Imagine being able to screen every applicant without putting in the extra hours. This is a reality with Curious Thing. Use our AI phone interviewer to tap into your entire talent pool and allow candidates to participate at a time that’s convenient for them.

Optimise the hiring process with data

Our easy-to-use data dashboards allow recruiters to quickly identify candidates that meet essential work requirements and demonstrate attributes that contribute to longer tenure and better performance.


With Curious Thing, we increased our hiring success rate from 5% to a huge 130% in just six weeks.

Ezekiel FernandoRecruitment Technology and Strategy Leader at ViventisRead more

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