Screen candidates automatically

Make better shortlists by using our recruitment software to assess and score candidate behaviour traits.

Screen candidates automatically

Our AI phone interviewer helps recruiters make decisions by

Interviewing every person who applies for a role.

Assessing important behaviour traits.

Providing a world-class candidate experience.

What recruiters say about Curious Thing

We reduced screening costs by 65% and saved 26 hours per week with Curious Thing.

Rik JohnsonHead of Intelligent Automation and Strategy at Stellar

We implemented Curious Thing and increased interview attendance by 80% and improved candidate conversion by 30%.

Ezekiel FernandoRecruitment Technology and Strategy Leader at Viventis

There is no way we could have conducted 100 phone screens on our own. Curious Thing saved us time and money and provided us with great data on our candidates.

Daniel WinterInvestment Director at Black Sheep Capital

We compete with many different companies for top talent. Using Curious Thing gives us a point of difference in the market. It shows candidates that we’re innovative.

Matthew ThomasGeneral Manager People & Culture at RWWA

By using Curious Thing, my team saved a huge amount of time that would have been spent making repetitive phone calls.

David BurtExecutive Manager of CSIRO’s ON program

The team at Curious Thing was incredibly responsive and helped set us up for success very quickly. The very first week of using Curious Thing saved us 23 hours of work!

Nicole WaughSenior Recruitment Advisor at 2degrees

Recruiters who use Curious Thing have

Saved up to 26 hours per week.

Reduced screening costs by 65%.

Improved candidate conversion by 30%.

What candidates are saying

“Kristine was very easy to talk to and had great call control without seeming too 'artificial'. I can see how useful AI would be in recruitment and can see it being used progressively more often”


“This was such an interesting experience. Thank you for pushing the envelope.”


“I enjoyed talking to someone who is programmed to listen. I was nervous as this is the first of its kind that I participated. The interview was simple and straight forward.”


“A positive experience, thanks. I was nervous about the AI approach and clarity of questions given I wear a hearing aid.”


“The process was simple, fun and very interesting. Well done and thank you for the opportunity to be part of the process.”


“I actually really enjoyed the experience and the interview. It’s a pretty cool technology!”


“I was a little nervous at first - like how am I going to to talk to a machine. But then when I was able to practice with a few questions, I admit it, it is interesting... overall, I feel a great sense of relief upon completion.”


“I recently completed a phone interview. It's the first time that I have undertaken this type of interview. I enjoyed the process. It was easy to understand and didn't feel like I was under pressure. I think that this method is a real winner!


“I have never conducted an interview like that before. It was different and not as nerve-wracking as sitting in front of a panel. I loved that my mind went straight to something within my experience for every question.”


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Why Curious Thing?

We believe in giving everyone a chance to shine. With Curious Thing you can automatically screen every candidate who applies for a job and get data in real-time to make smarter shortlists. Our process reduces human bias and we constantly monitor our AI algorithm for machine bias.


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