Our mission is to build conversational AI that is curious enough to ask questions.

We call this computational curiosity


Most of today’s conversational AI assistants are only here to fulfil predefined tasks initiated by humans. As most bot developers know, allowing users to converse freely rarely ends as expected. Because of this, current conversational interfaces can only really handle simple question and answer pairs, optimised for one or two-turn conversations.

We believe the next generation of conversational AI does not follow the information retrieval paradigm. That’s why we’re building AI that is capable of discovering new knowledge through asking questions.

Our technology is being built to handle multi-turn conversations in context-rich environments. By using questions to set contextual boundaries, our AI can easily understand and respond to different and unexpected inputs, and collect data in a readily-analysable way.

Our goal is to build infrastructure for conversational AI that can be used by application developers to push the frontiers of technology. We’d love for you to follow our journey.

Curious Thing started in July 2018.

Our core team is a tight-knit, agile team of data scientists, engineers, designers, business development and product-growth people, with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing and product development.

Curious Thing

Our Team


Sam Zheng

Co-Founder & CEO

Sam was trained as an actuary (Fellow Institute of Actuaries Australia). He is a serial tech entrepreneur, and self-taught engineer. Before Curious Thing, Sam was the Co-founder/CTO of Hyper Anna, an AI for Analytics startup backed by Sequoia VC. Sam has also worked in various financial services and consulting firms in Australia as a data science and analytics leader.


Han Xu

Co-Founder & CTO

Han has a PhD in Machine Learning (UNSW). Han is a recognised NLP expert in the industry. Before Curious Thing, Han worked as the Head of Machine Learning at an ASX-listed AI company. He was also a founding member of Macquarie Bank’s Owners-Advisory, Australia's first intelligent robot adviser. Han's research is strongly focused on knowledge discovery from unstructured texts.


David Mckeague

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

David is a serial tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building advanced systems and technology businesses. Before Curious Thing, David was the Co-founder of Incoming Media, a mobile-embedded Machine Learning media solution backed by Intel and Warner Brothers. It was exited to OVO in 2017. David was also a founding team member of Nitero, a semiconductor and wirelessVR solution exited to AMD.


Yasaman Motazedi

Lead Data Scientist

Yasaman has a PhD in Computer Science (Macquarie University). Before Curious Thing, She was a founding team member of Macquarie Bank’s Owners-Advisory and she specialises in large scale text mining and Deep Learning.


Ziyi Zhang

Senior Software Engineer

Ziyi graduated from Fudan University (China) and SUNY Stony Brook (US). He has 10+ years of experience in software engineering. He masters in C++ and Python for high performance programming.


Randolph Park

Software Engineer

Prior to Curious Thing, Randolph was a Software Engineer at ThoughtWorks, specialising in high performance applications. He was also the winner of Softbank Global Robot competition in 2017.


Thomas Stoelen

Software Engineer

Thomas has 3 years of experience in software engineering. He specialises in front-end and middle-ware development.


Daniel Hall

Software Engineer

Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Daniel specialises in back-end development.


Joshua McDonald

Graduate Data Scientist

Josh has completed a bachelor’s in Physics and a bootcamp in software engineering. His research areas are quantum computing and epidemic modelling.


Shardé Heim

UX/UI Designer & Culture Ambassador

Shardé has 3 years experience in UI/UX design. She was trained as a software engineer and has worked on UX design for a range of online business.


Emma Wiltshire

Customer Success Manager

Emma has a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) from the University of Sydney. Before Curious Thing, Emma worked at Westpac Group Technology and has experience working with various startups.


Zubin Fitter

Sales and Partnerships Director

Zubin has 15 years experience in business development, product commercialisation and partnerships. Prior to Curious Thing, Zubin has held multiple leadership roles in software, media and consultancy industry.


Mark Adams

VP North America

Mark is a business development professional with over 20 years experience in mobile, entertainment and technology. Prior to CT, Mark was CEO of Incoming Media, an Intel and Warner Music-backed start up focused on mobile video. Mark has also held senior roles at global app developer Accedo, LG Electronics and Optus. He has an MBA from Macquarie University and attending the Exec program at Stanford Graduate School of business.


Tiffany Zhan

Sales Development Representative

Tiffany was a software presales consultant, now transitioned to sales development. She has a demonstrated history of working with clients on enterprise solutions and Saas solutions.


Loic Ruby

Business Development Manager

Loic was a key account manager for a trading company, now transitioned to Business development. He did build several businesses within different industries and always strives to meet customers needs and to work along them during the process. He believes that everyday is a new opportunity. Passionate about life, people and experiences, he is always ready for a new adventure.

Advisory Board


Prof. Eileen Baldry


Eileen Baldry is Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Criminology at University of New South Wales. Professor Baldry was awarded the NSW Justice Medal in 2009 and in 2016 was named as 100 most influential women in Australia.


Prof. Robert Dale


Robert Dale has a PhD in Computational Linguistics. He was a professor in Macquarie University and Director of the Centre for Language Technology. Professor Robert Dale is author of seven books in various aspects of Natural Language Processing. He was also the editor of Computational Linguistics Journal and has been Program Chair for the ACL conference.


Martin Li


Martin is a Partner at ZF Holdings and Hype Asia. Martin was the founding team member at Uber that set up Uber China. Martin established some of the earliest Uber China cities and different business units. After Uber, Martin led multiple companies’ expansion into APAC markets.

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