Let your supporters know what they mean to you

We empower organisations to connect and share important messages with their donors and supporters using Voice AI - a high energy, high impact channel.

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Get your supporters talking

Proactively engage supporters in a personalised and impactful way to ensure they are truly engaged with your mission.

Thank every supporter immediately

Research shows that personalised, timely acknowledgments of support significantly impact future contributions. Thank donors and supporters immediately after they contribute to your campaigns.

Let them know what they mean to your mission. We have pioneered “voice of the beneficiary” to enable personalised storytelling for impact sharing.

Supporter insights

Discover meaningful supporter insights by utilising open conversations - Why your mission? Why now? Future Support?

We transform these insights into data that is easily accessible to analyse and identify future opportunities with supporters.

High energy, high impact

Striking the right balance in your omnichannel strategy is vital for driving supporter engagement.

Engaging through voice AI has been proven to be the most effective channel - it’s high energy, high impact!

Customer Success Story

What customers are saying

Curious Thing let us proactively reach people who wanted to have another go at quitting smoking. It has also allowed us to gain valuable insights into customers’ satisfaction with the service that we provide and what we could improve on.



Our product

Grow your organisation with us

Drive customer action

Our AI intelligently initiates phone calls, detects and leaves voicemail, answers returned calls, sends dynamic SMS and more.

Fast impact

Deploy in 5-15 business days and spend only 2-5 hours during the initial setup stage.

Quick growth

Our technology is designed to grow with you. Our AI can call as many people as you need.

Deeper insights

Our AI is designed to ask open-ended questions, gather information and deliver insights.

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Learn how you can use conversational Voice AI to engage with your customers in a whole new way.

  • Deliver targeted messages

  • Turn conversations into actions

  • Gain insights from every conversation

  • Launch your 1st campaign within 2 weeks

  • A/B test messaging

  • Scale as you grow

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