WorkPac Expand Their Tech Stack With Curious Thing

Find out why one of Australia’s largest recruiting companies chose to work with Curious Thing.

WorkPac Expand Their Tech Stack With Curious Thing

“We’ve identified three areas where Curious Thing will be hugely beneficial to WorkPac and are excited to get the ball rolling.”

Wayne Farrell

Executive Director at WorkPac Group


  • Increased insights into thousands of candidates
  • Clearer strategy for improving speed-to-market
  • Ability to screen for industry qualifications and soft skills at the same time


WorkPac is the largest privately owned recruitment company in Australia. Specialising in recruiting for jobs in industries like mining, health and construction, the team at WorkPac always have their hands full. With over one million registered candidates, WorkPac has 40 offices around the country and a robust staff of over 400 to keep the wheels turning.

A technology-led company, WorkPac is constantly looking for ways to enhance their processes. Traditionally the company built its own technology, but with an increasing number of candidates to sift through the team realised they could expand faster by introducing external solutions.

This is the story of how WorkPac brought Curious Thing into the fold with a view to make shortlisting more efficient and improve their speed to market.

Introducing new technology to WorkPac

As a recruiting company, WorkPac has a large number of new candidates entering their system each month. “We have about 10,000 new applicants each month, COVID-19 has seen that number rise even higher,” says Wayne Farrell, Executive Director of the WorkPac Group. “We needed a better way to sort through this huge volume of people and put them in the right categories. When I was introduced to the Curious Thing it seemed like a natural solution to our problem.”

Wayne saw how Curious Thing could help WorkPac identify which applicants to prioritise. “I know there are AI solutions that can achieve the same high-level solution but they don’t do it in the same way as Curious Thing. I really liked the Curious Thing process.”

To begin implementing Curious Thing, Wayne teamed up with Nicole Gray, Recruitment Manager for Northern Operations at WorkPac.

"When I was introduced to the Curious Thing it seemed like a natural solution to our problem."

Wayne Farrell, Executive Director WorkPac Group

Implementing a new solution

Nicole and her team of 26 recruiters work across Queensland and the Northern Territory, WorkPac’s largest area of operations. Nicole was a little apprehensive at first. “I am a traditional recruiter with a strong belief in face-to-face engagement. I believe you can read a candidate well when they are in front of you,” says Nicole. “But as we worked with the Curious Thing team through different stages of the implementation process I definitely came to see the value of the solution.”

Nicole and the team used Curious Thing in four different interview rounds. When it came time for their fourth round of interviews, Curious Thing had unveiled a new product update. Recruiters could now program our AI to ask both open and close-ended questions.

“The update really excited me because it made Curious Thing an even stronger screening tool for us. We could now ask mandatory questions about licenses and qualifications,” says Nicole. “Being able to screen for this information at the beginning of the process was really powerful for us.”

After using Curious Thing and working closely with our team to streamline their process, WorkPac is now ready to introduce Curious Thing to various use cases across the company. “Our use of the platform allowed us to quickly understand where we could gain traction with Curious Thing,” says Wayne. “It worked the way I thought it would!”

“We’re now looking more closely at the ways Curious Thing can improve our speed to market and enhance our candidate experience,” says Nicole.

"We’re now looking more closely at the ways Curious Thing can improve our speed to market and enhance our candidate experience."

Nicole Gray, Recruitment Manager for Northern Operations WorkPac

The move to digital recruiting

WorkPac began implementing Curious Thing just as the COVID-19 outbreak started affecting Australia.

“For 23 years it was WorkPac policy to personally meet with candidates before they were hired. COVID-19 changed all that,” says Nicole. “We now use FaceTime and Skype to interview candidates and won’t be changing this system anytime soon.”

“Remote recruiting is better than I thought it would be and it’s been great to see how fluid technology like Curious Thing can be in these scenarios,” says Nicole.

WorkPac is now rejigging their technology stack so they can integrate with more solutions like Curious Thing.

“We’re getting our back of house in order so we can properly integrate with an ecosystem of technology like Curious Thing that will enhance our processes,” says Wayne.

Curious Thing is honoured to have been accepted into the WorkPac system as an integration partner.

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