When AI Enhances Candidate Experience - The RWWA Story

Learn how RWWA stands out in the market with Curious Thing.

When AI Enhances Candidate Experience - The RWWA Story

“Curious Thing has changed our whole style of interviewing. Data collected from our digital recruiter allows us to have deeper, better-informed discussions with our candidates.”

Matthew Thomas

General Manager People & Culture at RWWA.


  • Improved candidate experience
  • Amplified employer value proposition
  • Ability to screen for behavioural attributes early in the recruitment cycle


Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) does not look after a mere handful of races. They oversee a huge 54,000 racing per year and operate 320 TABs across the state. To keep up with the fast-paced demands of the industry, the team at RWWA adopt a commercial mindset and are constantly looking for ways to improve their processes.

This quest for innovation led RWWA to Curious Thing. The recruitment team asked how they could improve their candidate experience and employer value proposition (EVP). Curious Thing answered the call. Here is the story of how RWWA teamed up with Curious Thing to stand out in the market.

Standing out from the crowd

RWWA has an impressively healthy employee turnover rate of 5-10%. Matthew Thomas, General Manager of People and Culture, says its because the business has an inclusive community. “I have been with RWWA for 13 years and have felt part of the family since day one,” says Matthew.

This sense of community can be rare but not at RWWA where Matthew and his team work hard to ensure employees are engaged and have a great experience with the company. However, far from being complacent, Matthew and his team pinpointed one area where they felt they could do better.

“We wanted our candidates to have a memorable experience with RWWA before they even considered us to be a potential employer,” said Matthew. “We’re confident in our onboarding and initiation processes and wanted to make sure our recruitment processes matched that.”

Finding a solution

RWWA uses Big Red Sky to field applicants and Enboarder to onboard staff. Matthew and his team were looking for a product that would fit in between this process and screen for behavioural attributes. “We wanted to add something to our recruitment cycle that helped us identify behaviour and style of working,” says Mathew. “We had yet to invest in this area.”

Curious Thing and another behavioural screening platform were recommended to Matthew. “We tested both platforms to see what the experience was like as an employer and a candidate. Curious Thing came out on top,” says Matthew. “We were really impressed with the way Curious Thing asked questions and analysed answers to help make shortlisting decisions.”

Matthew and his team could also see how Curious Thing would improve their EVP and help them stand out in the market. “We’re quite innovative with tech already and we knew adding Curious Thing would work to further show people that we were a progressive company.”

“We compete with many different companies for top talent. Using Curious Thing gives us a point of difference in the market. It shows candidates that we’re innovative.”

Hiring a change manager

When a Change Manager position opened at RWWA, Matthew and his team had a chance to put Curious Thing to work. It was also a chance to get valuable feedback. “Change managers are typically very open with what they like and dislike,” says Matthew.

Every viable candidate for the position was screened with Curious Thing. Matthew looked at the data carefully and listened to the answer to every question. He used this information to ask follow up questions in the next round of interviews. “Data from Curious Thing allowed me to dig deeper with candidates,” says Matthew. He would get to know candidates better with questions like, “You talked about this as preferred work style. What are some issues that might roadblock that style?”.

The results were impressive. “The two people we considered to be perfect candidates were evidenced by the results of their Curious Thing interview,” says Matthew. “The data we collected definitely helped validate our decision.”

The candidates were happy too scoring their experience an average of 4.5 out of 5.

Matthew and the team were very happy with their final hiring decision. “Our new Change Manager started the week COVID-19 broke out,” says Matthew. “Her ability to hit the ground running, be adaptive and collaborative in a new working environment has further validated the accuracy and insights gained through the AI process.”

“Upon using Curious Thing I could immediately see how it could help remove unconscious bias and provide us with a richness of information that would make shortlisting easier.”

Starting strong

Curious Thing will now be a regular part of RWWA’s recruitment process. “We’re getting our process in order so that we’re ready to hire again post COVID-19,” says Matthew.

The team plans to use Curious Thing to hire for various roles and customise questions and processes as needed. “We’re going to explore all the benefits we can get from Curious Thing”, says Matthew. The team has also spent time making sure their branding is seamless. “It doesn’t matter what technology a candidate is using, we want them to feel like it’s all RWWA.”

The end result? A recruitment cycle that puts candidate experience first. “We’ve designed our process so that the candidate is put at ease and gets to shine,” says Matthew. “We nurture candidates by telling them everything they need to know about our company and how we work.” This means by the time a candidate gets to an interview they are calm and can put their best foot forward.

“When it comes to recruiting and employee experience, a lot of organisations focus on the middle. We’re just as focused on the start.” says Matthew.

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