Your Guide To Interviewing With Curious Thing

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James SiuAugust 14, 2020

If you're reading this blog chances are you have applied for a job and received an invitation to conduct an interview with Curious Thing. Congratulations! 

We know this might be the first time you engage with a digital recruiter and that's why we wrote this blog. Read on to discover exactly what happens before, during and after an interview with Curious Thing. 

Receiving your invitation 

When invited to an interview with Curious Thing you will receive an email like the one below. If you haven’t received an email but are expecting one please check your junk/spam folder. You might also receive an SMS invite if the hiring company has activated this option.  

Your invitation contains important information. Here are four things to note. 

1. Check details are correct

Ensure the invitation has been sent to the right person and is regarding the right role and company. 

If the following information is incorrect, contact the hiring company (in this example it will be Curious Thing). 

Please note, we are a service provider and so enquiries related to roles open at other companies should be directed to them and not Curious Thing. If your enquiry is about a role at Curious Thing then please do get in touch!

2. Select the right phone number

The next step is to identify the right phone number to call. 

We provide numerous toll free numbers for you to use,  please choose a number based on your location.

If your location does not fall under the three numbers listed, don’t fret. Click on “‘full list” to see all the numbers available to you. 

3. Remember your pin

Make sure to identify your pin. In this example it’s:

Keep this pin handy as it will be required to access your interview. Don’t forgot to add # at the end.

4. Interview time frames

Every interview has an open and close date. Take note of these dates and associated times and timezones

You can conduct your interview at any hour and from any place during this period. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or late at night! 

Curious Thing interviews can take 5 to 20 minutes depending on the number of questions set by the hiring company.

To play it safe, we recommend budgeting a 30 minute slot to conduct your interview.  

Curious Thing cannot extend interview time frames. Please contact the interviewing company with any enquiries about deadline extensions. 

Your Interview 

At the start of your interview you will be greeted by our AI receptionist. Our AI receptionist will ask for your pin (remember we told you to keep this handy?) and then pass you onto your AI recruiter.  While all interview questions are unique and based on the preferences of the company you are interviewing with, they do follow the same general structure. 

1. Meet our AI interviewer 

After you have successfully entered your unique pin, our AI interviewer will introduce itself and give you a brief overview of how the interview will be conducted. 

2. Have fun with practice questions 

Next, our AI interviewer will go through a test run with you to get you familiarised with the experience. 

Some simple and casual warm up questions will be asked during this test run. For example, our AI may ask What is your favourite colour?” and What is your favourite dish?”. The purpose of these questions is to let you relax and get an idea of how the real interview will progress. 

Our AI will then share important tips for partaking in a successful interview. These tips include: 

  • Answering each question in two minutes or less. 
  • Avoiding long pauses in your answers (our AI might think you’ve finished answering the question and move on to the next question). 
  • Speaking loudly and clearly. You don’t need to go to extremes, just speak a little bit louder and ensure you enunciate. 
  • Requesting the AI interviewer to repeat the question by saying "Please repeat the question", if you have missed it.

We also recommend you conduct your interview in a quiet environment and avoid the use of any type of headphones to ensure our AI can hear you as clearly as possible. 

3. Start your official interview 

After the test run is completed, our AI interviewer will ask you if you are ready to commence the official interview. If you are not ready to begin you will have the option to hang up and call back at a time that suits you. 

The interview questions you will be asked are chosen by the company you are interviewing with and are designed to get more of an insight into your profile, capabilities and soft skills. 

For example, our AI interviewer may ask where you are based and if you have a driver’s license if this is important for the role in question. More open ended questions will also be asked. For example, our AI interviewer may ask “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “How do you deal with criticism in the workplace?”. 

Our AI interviewer will evaluate your answers based on what you say rather than how you say it. This means we do not analyse your tone of voice or other attributes that might invite bias. 

After your interview 

After your interview is complete, your results will be sent directly to the company you interviewed with. Results include data automatically generated by our AI like communication and motivation scores. A recording of your interview, minus your test run, will also be readily available to the hiring company.  

The company you interviewed with will get back to you regarding the outcome of your application. 

Good luck! 

P.S. If you have some spare time after your interview, our team at Curious Thing would love to hear feedback on your AI interview experience. Send us an email at: [email protected]