Start-ups can not afford a bad hire. It’s as simple as that.

They don’t want a lot of applicants. In fact, they only need that one person that will weather the storm and carry their idea to success.

So unlike more established companies, who can “shake off” an accidental hire who was able to edit their resume to perfection, startups don’t have that luxury.

There’s no dedicated in-house recruiter or talent manager for startups. Most of the time it’s the co-founders looking for someone who is aligned on the same vision and more importantly believe in their TEAM.

Believe it or not, research shows that one of the top reasons why startups fail is because of the wrong team. It is becoming ever more important for startups and even candidates to realise that although startup culture is about having fun and offering flexibility, it’s also about working hard and dedication.

If you are a startup hiring, take away two things from this article:

Get your hands dirty

Hire someone who can adapt, not just to the environment they’re working in but the tasks they’re working on too. Focus on applicants work ethic and dedication to high quality results.

Learn to Grow

Hire someone who is resilient. Startups scale very quickly and every week is different to the last, hire someone who is not afraid to be wrong but works according to hypothesis drawn from results.

Always remember, working at a startup is demanding. Self-learners are more valuable than order-followers. Multi-tasking is a skill not a lot of people have. Neither is handling responsibility.

Because of this, for startups, personality and flare is more important than skill. Startups need to start re-thinking the way they hire just as much as large corporations. If anything, they need to consider it more.

Be innovative on every level, from product to recruitment.