Largest Conversational AI Outbound Campaign Completed By Curious Thing

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CT TeamJune 04, 2021

Curious Thing is pleased to announce the conclusion of the largest ever campaign using automated outbound conversational AI being delivered from the CoDA (Conversational Discovery AI) Platform.

For a single client, over one million phone calls were made over multiple days. The single biggest day saw 150,000 calls made, with an average of 100,000 calls per day.150,000-1“This kind of scale and speed of information delivery and insight gathering using natural voice automation is unheard of”, said Sam Zheng, CEO of Curious Thing, “Our proprietary technology enables us to build and deploy quickly and discover customer insight as we resolve needs.”

The requirement was to proactively engage to deliver information and ensure compliance. Where required customers were connected to human colleagues immediately or advised they would be called back.

“This campaign highlights the value of deep insight, with hundreds of calls being deemed to be of high importance as a result of insight uncovered being referred to human agents” said David Stone, Senior Vice President at Curious Thing. “For great customer experience you need to use every opportunity to know your customer better and this is something that CoDA is designed to do - resolve and discover.”

The CoDA solution from Curious Thing enables organisations to reach out to customers using natural voice and engage with them in a conversation including deep questions and answers. The platform is unlike many traditional Conversational AI offerings as it does not use the old paradigm of 'intents'. This enables machine learning to generate questions automatically, reduces time to deploy and makes complex interactions at a huge scale achievable.