Data-driven recruiting

Create data-driven shortlists

Make smarter shortlisting decisions using data about candidate behaviour traits and English language proficiency.

Create data-driven shortlists

Experience 4.2x greater shortlisting efficiency with recruitment software designed to

Analyse candidate behaviour traits.

Assess English language proficiency.

Screen for work permits and licenses.

Measure behaviour traits

Our AI phone interviewer is specifically designed to assess behaviour traits like customer focus, resilience and adaptivity. Use this information to make more informed shortlists in less time.


Ensure smooth communication

These days many businesses have employees around the globe. Our AI interviewer scores candidate English proficiency to ensure your new hires can communicate with your customers at the skill level you require.

Screen for essential work information

Some jobs require specific licenses, permits and operating hours. Our AI interviewer can ask candidates if they hold these qualifications and then make shortlisting easier by presenting this information on an easy-to-use dashboard.


By using Curious Thing my team replaced repetitive phone calls and reduced shortlisting time by 60%.

David Burt - Executive Manager of CSIRO’s ON program

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