Hill Consulting Streamlines Their Candidate Screening In Graduate Recruitment

Learn how Hill Consulting HRS, a mini RPO provider used Curious Thing to significantly reduce candidate screening time while enabling data-driven decisions.

Hill Consulting Streamlines Their Candidate Screening In Graduate Recruitment

“We chose Curious Thing not just for speed and efficiency but also for fairness. We know it’s a balanced approach.”

Rachel Hill

Managing Director at Hill Consulting HRS


  • First government graduate program: 400 phone screens in 5 days
  • Second government graduate program: 600 phone screens in 5 days
  • Reduced human bias in the hiring process
  • Achieved completion rates of 96% and 98% on both campaigns


Graduate recruitment can be a tricky ball game. With a high volume of applicants, it’s often a lengthy process and candidates’ limited work experience makes it all the more important to accurately assess intangible skills to make the right hire. That’s why government agencies turn to leading recruiting service providers like Hill Consulting HRS.

Hill Consulting offers a range of HR services, from tech strategy and auditing to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Managing Director Rachel Hill and her team are constantly on the lookout for innovative hiring tools that can add value for their clients. This led them to partner with Curious Thing.

Here is the story of how our companies came together to deliver great recruiting results on the two government graduate programs.

Revamping the candidate screening process

A lot of graduate recruitment is manual and time consuming. So when building a tailored campaign, Rachel and her team saw great potential in time-efficient tools. But there was another concern to address. “Even when different people score questions or mark them in distinct ways, there is still a tendency for subjectivity,” says Rachel. The team knew they wanted to improve efficiency and fairness in the screening process.

“I like that Curious Thing takes out name, gender, age, etc. so no biases can creep in. There is no notion of what a graduate should look like and everyone can get a fair go.”

Beyond reducing bias, the tool also had to accurately assess graduate skills and behaviours like teamwork, resilience and flexibility that were deemed must-haves for the client’s graduates. “A lot of what we were looking for was open-ended, behavioural questions that could have multiple answers but were delivered to every candidate in the same way,” says Rachel.

Curious Thing would automate applicant screening on the client’s graduate programs and give every eligible candidate a fair chance to interview.

The outcome

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Curious Thing improved efficiency and reduced turnaround time in the initial screening phase. According to Rachel, “Conducting individual phone screens or watching video interviews for all candidates could take hundreds of hours.” On the first campaign, the team used Curious Thing to conduct 400 phone screens in five days. This was for roles across disciplines like engineering, finance and law and policy.

Hill Consulting later put together a more specific recruitment program for a second graduate campaign. The team worked closely with Curious Thing’s Customer Success Manager to tailor the interview to the role. “We looked at the job description and key competency requirements before picking capabilities to assess and carefully wording questions,” she says. The ease of customising the interview helped to promptly go live with the role. Rachel’s team successfully screened 600 candidates in five days, reducing the first screening phase to one week.

The data generated in both campaigns was of immense value. By posing simple eligibility questions (Eg: Have you finished your degree in the last three years?, Do you have working rights in Australia?, etc.) coupled with several behavioural questions, Curious Thing assessed candidates on both fronts specific to the role. This interview data was used in conjunction with written assessment results, video interviews and other tests to generate a data-informed shortlist. For the second campaign, behavioural assessments were used to complete the shortlisting process.

The results of both programs speak for themselves. Interviews conducted by Curious Thing’s AI increased objectivity in the hiring process and achieved completion rates of 96% and 98%. While graduate recruitment campaigns can generally take an average of six months from start to finish, each campaign was executed end-to-end in just 6 weeks, saving precious hours for the team and client.

“Curious Thing was a great tool to get through a large number of applicants and give every candidate a fair chance by offering a phone interview with the same questions that were scored in the same way against the same criteria."

Future of graduate recruitment

Recruitment technology solutions are becoming increasingly important to make quick, informed decisions and at the same time, ensure a fair and objective assessment without letting great talent slip through the cracks.

“Tech like Curious Thing is helpful to reduce bias in screening interviews and uncover the right data on candidates for better shortlisting in bulk recruitment. By using a combination of HR tech tools and assessments, our team was able to efficiently deliver better quality candidates in the final shortlist,” says Rachel.

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