Top Tips For Interviewing With Curious Thing

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James SiuAugust 28, 2020


True or false? You have received an invitation to interview with Curious Thing and want to ensure everything runs smoothly. True? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we list our top tips for completing a successful interview with Curious Thing. 

Before your interview 

Prepare for your interview by following these steps.

1. Read your email invitation 

Candidates are invited to partake in an interview with Curious Thing via email. This email details how to access your interview and deadlines for completion. Read our guide to interviewing with Curious Thing for more information.

2. Choose a comfortable environment 

Choose a comfortable and quiet location to conduct your interview. This is important because excessive background noise may prevent our AI from hearing you clearly (just as it would prevent a human recruiter from doing the same).

3. Pick a time that suits you

Curious Thing is flexible! You can complete your interview on any day and at any time before your interview deadline. 

Interviews can take between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the number of questions set and the length of your answers. We recommend saving a 30 minute time block to allow yourself wiggle room. You are only given one interview attempt so choose a time when you will not feel rushed or be distracted. 

4. Check your phone and connection 

Your Curious Thing interview will be conducted over the phone so make sure you have a stable connection. Avoid underground or remote areas for the best reception possible. 

You should also ensure your phone has enough battery to sustain a 30 minute phone call. 

Please don’t use any type of headphones including AirPods to conduct your interview. Headphones may make it harder for our AI to hear you clearly. 

During the interview 

When you are ready to start your interview, call the number provided in your invite email. Our AI receptionist will welcome you and ask you to input your unique pin (provided in your invite email). 

Once your pin is authenticated our AI receptionist will pass you onto your AI interviewer. We want you to begin your interview calmly and with a good idea of what to expect so, our AI interviewer will begin with a test run. The questions asked as part of your test run are for practice only and won’t be recorded. 

When the test run is finished your AI interviewer will ask if you’re ready to begin the official interview. If so, you are directed to press one. If you aren’t ready simply hang up and call back at a time that better suits you. 

Here are some tips to help you during your official interview.

1. Speak loudly and clearly 

When answering questions, speak loudly and clearly.  You don’t need to go to extremes, just take the time to articulate your words and speak at a higher volume.  Our AI only analyses what you say and not how you say it which means we don’t analyse your tone of voice or look for accents. We believe blind interviewing prevents bias and so only need to hear what you say to conduct our analysis. 

2. Answer within two minutes or less

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you answer each question in two minutes or less. We promise our questions are very clear and to the point and so two minutes is more than enough time to provide great answers. 

3. Don’t pause in the middle of an answer

Avoid long pauses in the middle of your answers. If there is a pause longer than a few seconds our AI may think that you have finished answering your question and move on to the next one.

4. Finishing your answer

When you are finished answering a question, simply pause and our AI will pick up that you’re done and move onto the next question. Alternatively, you can say “I have finished my answer” to move onto the next question. 


After you have answered all the interview questions, our AI interviewer will thank you for your time and end the phone call. You will receive a confirmation email soon after your interview is complete. This might not hit your inbox straight away so please be patient. 

We love hearing from candidates! If you’d like to share feedback on your experience with Curious Thing please send us an email at [email protected]