Introducing: Curious Thing Self-Serve

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CT TeamMarch 13, 2020

Hiring for a growing businesses shouldn’t have to feel like you’re being chased by a boulder down a hill.

Our philosophy is, hiring doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. For fast growing companies, hiring should be exciting not daunting. That’s why, we are so excited to announce Curious Thing Self-Serve! Much more than automated phone screening interviews, Curious Thing enables you to build a winning, data-driven hiring culture at scale in a press of a button. Start interviewing applicants in 5 minutes. 

So what can you expect from Curious Thing self-serve?

  • Interview Builder select assessable attributes, pick questions and customise the branding of your interview.
  • Invitation send ALL candidates a phone interview invitation immediately after they apply.
  • Analytics view candidate results on a rich analytics dashboard at a cohort level or individual level.

Curious Thing Self-Serve — Interview Builder

Spend less time on thinking up initial screening questions by accessing our diverse attribute and question bank to beef up your interview. Control how simple or customised your interview experience is with the option to deliver a fully company branded experience.

Curious Thing Self-Serve — Invite candidates

Immediate invitations lets you automatically screen a high volume of applicants, so hidden gems don’t get lost in the race to process applicants. You will have candidates apply, take a phone interview with our AI and assessed in less than one day.

Either carefully invite candidates one by one using our form, or speed it up by uploading a CSV with all candidates.

Curious Thing Self-Serve — Analytics Dashboard


Hiring managers at Google spend an average of 6 seconds on each CV. Get better visualisation over candidate performance so you don’t have to make snap shortlisting decisions based on bad data or no data.

  • Our scoring system is powered by state-of-the-art NLP, Knowledge Graph and Deep Transfer Learning technology.
  • Companies get access to a real-time analytics dashboard with candidate data displayed at a cohort and individual level.

We support diversity and inclusion

Our AI-driven screening process measures individual performance consistently and eliminates personal biases that hiring managers may unconsciously bring to the table. Insights that don’t relate to assessable attributes or job performance, such as appearance and voice, are excluded from the results.

Curious Thing self-serve is the only hiring tool you need to build a winning, data-driven hiring culture at scale. The first step towards the future of work is doing hiring the right way. Start your interviews now!

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