Cool Uses Of AI

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James SiuDecember 01, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of our daily lives since the development of the first AI program in 1955. We all know about the AI used on our phones and computers but there’s much more on the market than that. 

In this blog, we list four interesting uses of AI you have (probably) never heard of. 

Smart toilets

When people talk about data privacy, the first thing they think about is sensitive information such as credit card details and personal information, but never do they think about data from a toilet! 

Technology has drastically changed our toilet game. We’ve gone from squatting above a hole in the dirt to talking toilets that warm our seat for us. And now, AI technology has taken things a step further with products like the AI toilet by Micron.

Micron is a company that has been developing a smart AI toilet that may one day save your life. The toilet analyses fecal and urine matter in real-time to recognise the early signs of disease and imbalance. 

We don’t know about you, but ten years ago AI toilets were far off our radar. With the way the world is developing, it might be just another ten years or less until they are commonplace! 

E-sports and AI

From the Nintendo 64 to the PlayStation 5, the way we view and play games has been revolutionised. With the development of faster and stronger processors, gamers are now empowered to explore highly interactive fantasy worlds. 

Traditionally players compete against each other in combat games but now individuals can face-off in combat against AI. In 2019, OpenAI Five beat a world champion e-sports team in a best of three tournament of the popular game Dota 2. Such a feat was unprecedented for AI and paves the way for further development in the future. 

Who knows, maybe AI will eventually beat us in physical sports too. 

Travel with AI

Most people today have used a rideshare service like Uber at least once. But, few know that such services utilise AI to generate the best route based on hundreds of thousands of data points. This data helps decide both the price of your ride and the car that matches your ride request. 

Furthermore, most new cars today possess AI features that allow them to navigate through traffic and park without any human assistance.

There will come a day when we don’t need to touch the wheel at all! 

Precision agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest practices in history and has been traditionally done by hand with sickles and shovels. These days it is rarer to see someone manually harvesting crops as everything has been automated with technology. AI agriculture bots now help farmers find more efficient ways to harvest, plant and protect crops from weeds. These robots help automate slow and repetitive tasks for farmers, providing them with greater efficiency and harvests. 

The future

There are many more unique uses of AI in our society today and plenty more to come in the future. AI innovations can sometimes unsettle people but we think that when we create technology with the aim to have it work hand-in-hand with humans then magic can happen.