Imagine what you could do with an AI that makes calls just like us...

Transform the way you engage with your customers using voice-based conversational AI

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Getting your customers talking

Our platform goes far beyond the limitations of a basic voice AI assistant. We can make outgoing warm calls and have real-time conversations with your customers.

Just think about the possibilities...

Customer re-engagement

Offer inactive customers special deals, ask for feedback and much more.

Customer surveys

Improve by getting feedback about your products and services.

Wellness check-ins

Check-in before and after surgery, monitor medication use and more.

Payment reminders

Send upcoming payment reminders and follow up on defaulted bills.

Introduce new products

Keep customers informed of your new products and services.

Shopping cart nudges

Remind customers about abandoned carts and give extra incentive to buy.

Features you'll love

  • Send out SMS messages before, during and after calls

  • Choose from a library of premium voice options

  • A/B test hyper-personalised messages

  • 100 or 100K calls, we can handle any volume

  • Integrate data into your own systems for analysis

  • Achieve all this without lifting a finger

We offer a whole new way to make voice calls, with all the top-notch features you’d expect from an AI-driven conversation platform.

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What's Conversational Voice AI?

At Curious Thing, we make AI-driven conversations a reality. Our platform is designed to ask open-context questions so it can have real-time conversations with your customers.

Our AI workers can make voice calls at scale, improving your productivity while keeping that all-important human touch.

3 Million

minutes of AI-human conversations processed in the past 12 months

Up to 200K

phone calls handled on a single day


ROI for membership renewals in a single campaign

The industries using Curious Thing

Financial Services

Remind customers about upcoming bills, payment plans and service options.


Create targeted campaigns to discuss upcoming deals and new products.


Remind patients of appointments and conduct wellness check-ins.

Unlock the power of Voice AI communication

We believe that AI-driven conversations are a game-changer. With voice AI you can.

  • Open up a whole new channel for unique customer conversations

  • Scale with less resources and better data

  • Go beyond traditional emails and SMS

  • Take away the hassle of making manual outgoing calls

  • Automate manual tasks and focus on high-value work

Slot our platform into your operations to connect with customers in a whole new way and open a new world of possibilities.

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The brains behind Curious Thing

We're a team of scientists, technologists, software developers and business specialists, all with one key dream: to bring AI to life in a way that solves the big (and small) problems for your organisation.

What our customers are saying

Over 80% of our patients gave positive feedback about their experience speaking with Curious Thing’s AI.

Project ManagerHealthcare Provider, Australia

By asking targeted questions, we can understand more about our customers’ behaviour in their own words, offer tailored support and encourage repeat purchases.

Head of MarketingeCommerce, USA

Our AI, Brooke, helps us serve customers by providing instant responses and addressing queries efficiently. Gone are the times when customers had to wait 30 minutes to speak with our team.

Head of ProductIndebted, Australia

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